Curatorial history

But if you called me a curator – someone I liked, who I thought knew me – I’d wonder if it was a hidden insult.

Dora García, Veintitrés millones, quinientos ochenta y seis mil cuatrocientas noventa historias, 2013 – ongoing, developed for installation at ‘Second Time Around’, Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, Madrid, April ­­­– September 2018 (creative technologist: Henry Cooke)

Holly Pester, Glamour Hallucinated Love, 2016, commission for the London Bookshop Map

‘Safe’, HOME, Manchester, November 2015 – January 2016 (co-curated with Sarah Perks), major group exhibition taking Todd Haynes’ Safe (1995) as a starting point for a series of new commissions from Claire Makhlouf Carter, Chris Paul Daniels, Yoshua Okon, James Richards and Camilla Wills alongside existing work by Michael Dean, Sunil Gupta, Laura Morrison and Jala Wahid

‘Publishing/Writing’ conversation events with Stuart Bertolotti-Bailey, Sean Dockray and SALT., Three Letter Words in collaboration with Central Saint Martins, Tenderbooks and Housmans Bookshop, London, June 2015–January 2016

Sonrisa/Smile: a proposal for a magazine’ with Reynier Guerra, ‘Hors Piste Havana: La Primavera del Amor’, Fábrica de Arte Cubano, Sometimes Art Space, Havana May 2015

Erica Scourti, Feels For Real, 2015, commission for Three Letter Words (co-curated with Kate Phillimore)

Anat Ben-David, OpeRaArt, 2014, commission for Three Letter Words (co-curated with Kate Phillimore)

Performance as Publishing, A Play for Voices, 2014, commission for Three Letter Words (co-curated with Kate Phillimore)

Three Letter Words artist-led publishing fair, Rochelle School, London, 22 November 2014 (organised with Kate Phillimore)

Camilla Wills, Archive of molecules, 2014, digital billboard commission installed on Shoreditch High Street, London 16–23 November 2014 (co-curated with Kate Phillimore)

Camilla Wills, Sweating 1 and Sweating 2, 2014, commission for the London Bookshop Map

‘Dora García’s The Joycean Society (2013) and John Cage, Interview Performance (1978)’, Hackney Picture House and LUX, London, 2 December 2013 (programmed with Ghislaine Leung)

Dora García, Twenty-three million, five hundred eighty-six thousand, four hundred and ninety stories, 2013 – ongoing, interactive digital storytelling project commissioned for the London Bookshop Map iPhone app 2013 (creative technologist: Henry Cooke)

Fiona James, Some thoughts on the automatic, still forming, 2013

‘Instant Publishing/Automatic Writing’, Friday Salon, Institute of Contemporary Art, London, 10 May 2013 (with Duncan White)

Hannah Rickards, Right here and then nothing anywhere else, 2012, commission for the London Bookshop Map

Afterall Film Club featuring Stuart Brisley, Victor Burgin, Dexter Dalwood, Susan Hiller, Mark Leckey, Laura Mulvey, Nina Power, John Stezaker and Anne Tallentire, Central Saint Martins, London, May 2012–November 2013 (programmed with Mark Lewis)

Publish and be Damned, Institute of Contemporary Arts, London, 2 March 2013, included installations of new video by Clunie Reid and Anne Tallentire among others, ‘A whole loads of rubbish’ [sic] performed by Anat Ben-David and Stuart McKenzie, screenings and launches (organised with Kate Phillimore)

‘Afterall Exhibition Histories: Artist as Curator symposium’, Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, London, 10 November 2012 (programmed with Pablo Lafuente and Lucy Steeds)

‘Publish and be Damned Public Library’, Foyle Reading Room, Whitechapel Art Gallery, London Art Book Fair, 21-23 September 2012 (organised with Kate Phillimore)

Publish and be Damned, Institute of Contemporary Arts, London, 17 March 2012 (organised with Kit Hammonds and Kate Phillimore)

Katrina Palmer, A Perverse Transposition, 2012, commission for the London Bookshop Map

David Batchelor, From Bob II, 2011, commission for the London Bookshop Map 2011

‘No Strings: Your ad here’, Publish and be Damned at V&A Friday Late, V&A, London, 25 November 2011 (organised with Kate Phillimore)

‘My Brother is a Hairy Man: Kate Hawkins and James Ferris’, George Polke, London, March–April 2011

‘John Smith: Solo Show’, Royal College of Art, London, March 2010, student project, co-curated events with Jarvis Cocker, Deborah Levy, Sally O’Reilly, Laure Prouvost, and Ian Walker

‘Video Work’, George Polke, London, January – March 2010, series of video installations including work by Yvon Chabrowski, Henna-Riikka Halonen, Leila Hekmat, Ran Huang, and Trine Lise Nedreaas (co-curated with Emma Astner)

‘Neither Here Nor There’, Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridge, July 2009, Escalator Retreat with Stefan Rusu, Margarita Gluzberg, Charles Avery and Heimo Lattner (co-curated student project)

‘Performing Localities: Recent Guatemalan Performance Art on Video’, Iniva, London, May 2009 (co-curated student project)

‘Two’, George Polke, London, March – August 2008, series including work by Claire Makhlouf Carter, Adam Hennessey, Sibyl Montague, Laura Morrison, Joaquin Del Paso & Martyna Starosta, and Katrina Palmer  

‘Marcel Dinahet’, Madder 139, London, July–August 2007

‘George Polke: Opens, Invites, Presents’, George Polke, London, July–August 2006

‘The best way to explain it is to do it’, George Polke, London, July–August 2006