Louise O’Hare is a writer, editor and organiser. She was an editor at Afterall from 2013-17 and completed her PhD at University of Northumbria in 2019. Her research is focused on the political potentials of memoir, gossip and anecdote, feminism, and an expanded vision of the caring economy. This necessarily involves considering representations of socialism, pleasure, idleness and work.

O’Hare co-curated ‘Safe’, HOME, Manchester 2015; and founded the London Bookshop Map in 2011 as a platform to disseminate writing by artists. Previous projects have engaged with embarrassment, the rhetorics and practicalities of ‘self publishing’, and the interstices between the print and digital in small-scale art publishing. Recent publications include: ‘Havana-London Diary: Art Publishing, Sustainability, Free Speech and Free Papers’ in Whose Book Is it Anyway? (2019), and an article on re-telling and re-performance in the work of Dora García for Art Monthly (May 2020). She lives and works in Tower Hamlets, London.

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Teaching/ Talks

Independent platforms include, Killing Time, The London Bookshop Map, Three Letter Words, and George Polke.

Further information and contact details available via info[at]thelondonbookshopmap.org